MACRA MIPS Don’t Get Penalized!!!

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Don’t Forget to Check Your MACRA/MIPS Data Before It’s Too Late!! It is important to check your MACRA/MIPS data regularly to make sure that you are meeting all of the requirements. The data that you need to check includes your quality measures, your efficiency measures, and your participation in certain programs. Find out if you have to report on the CMS website: Enter your NPI then click ‘Check Status’

Someone is finally doing something about the high costs of medications!

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” Billionaire Mark Cuban launched an online pharmacy on Monday in what the company said was a bid to “drastically expand access to affordable pharmaceuticals.” The Hill Check out the full article here: Check out his site with pricing here:

MACRA MIPS 2021 Waiver

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#MACRA #MIPS The end of the year is right around the corner!! It is time to make sure all of your MACRA MIPS information meets the requirements set by CMS. If it doesn’t you can still apply for a 2021 COVID waiver. Just log in to your QPP.CMS.GOV account, look at the left panel and choose to apply for a waiver. Make sure you do this for PI as well as Quality measures! To find out more you can visit:

CMS releases updated re-payment terms for the Accelerated and Advance Payment Program

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CMS announces updates to the Accelerated and Advanced Payment Program. “Providers were required to make payments starting in August of this year, but with this action, repayment will be delayed until one year after payment was issued. After that first year, Medicare will automatically recoup 25% of Medicare payments otherwise owed to the provider or supplier for 11 months. At the end of the 11-month period, recoupment will increase to 50% for another 6 months. If the provider or supplier is unable to repay the total amount of the AAP during this time-period (a total of 29 months), CMS will…

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