HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Checklist

Take this short quiz to check your HIPAA readiness

  1. Do you have a written policy that addresses the handling and control
    of Patient’s Protected Health Information (PHI)?
  2. Have you identified a specific individual to have overall responsibility for HIPAA?
  3. Have you established a training program to educate personnel on HIPAA?
  4. Have you had all employees complete a Confidentiality & Disclosure Document?
  5. Have you developed disclosure and consent practices for (PHI)?
  6. Have you established a formal grievance procedure to be followed
    in the event that a patient believes their health information has been mishandled?
  7. Have you identified all parties that you must sign a Chain of Trust Agreement
    or Business Associate Agreement with?
  8. Have you identified all manual procedures that capture, maintain or utilize (PHI)?
  9. Have you established policies and procedures for Physical Security
    and Disaster Recovery?
  10. Have you identified all computerized systems that process (PHI)?
  11. Have you protected computerized systems with a firewall?
  12. Have you determined the appropriate implementation and use of
    medical and non-medical code sets and unique identifiers?
  13. Have you assessed your ability of electronically transmitting transactions
    and other data in accordance with defined ANSI and NCPDP standards?

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