Why Choose Key Medical?

Key Medical Management is a full service, multi-specialty medical billing company.  We handle all aspects of the billing cycle from demographic entry to patient statements and delinquent account tracking.  This allows providers to concentrate on the art of medicine instead of the headaches of staffing a billing office and dealing with complicated insurance regulations and voluminous A/R.  Using Key Medical’s services also helps reduce headaches and revenue problems related to staff vacations, sickness and turnover.

Effective medical billing processes

  • Electronic claims produced daily
  • Patient statements produced multiple times throughout the month
  • EOB’s and ERA’s posted daily
  • Denied and held claims reviewed daily
  • Prompt and courteous fielding of patient inquiries
  • Open and effective lines of communication with you and your staff
  • Comprehensive monthly reports

Accelerated cash flow

  • Enhanced electronic billing capabilities
  • EFT’s and ERA’s means payments directly to your bank account
  • Outstanding accounts continuously reviewed and payments pursued
  • Reduce overdue accounts
  • Patient dunning letters and telephone follow-up

Recommendations to help ensure proper reimbursement

  • Our staff stays up-to-date with the latest coding practices, compliance developments and reimbursement issues
  • EOB reviews performed continuously
  • Save time and increase efficiency
  • Fee schedule recommendations

Insulating cash flow from personnel turnover

  • Consistent claim production and charge entry regardless of personnel turnover
  • No training costs for your staff
  • No overhead for additional billing staff
  • Reduced expenses related to salaries, benefits, taxes, retirement plans

Streamlined office operation & highly trained staff

  • Our staff stays up-to-date with new regulations
  • Toll free telephone access
  • Email communications

Increased net revenue

  • Timely reimbursement increases net revenue
  • Reduced misfiled claims and lower rejection rates
  • Spend more time with patients and less time on billing
  • Reduced in-house responsibilities can help staff focus on increasing patient volume

HIPAA compliant electronic claim processing

  • Secure records
  • Regulations constantly updated
  • Patient data protected